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S2 E8 Don't Worry Darling, It's Not Us

S2 E7 Jen for Pres 2024

The girls are discussing the "bombshell" Jen Aniston ALLURE interview. Aly makes an investment! Lauren has found her "niche"...xo L&A

S2 E6 Shut the Door On Your Older Self

The girls are having a bit of a catch up this episode: halloween, baby-fever, number-two-ing with the door open?! They're also giving their two cents on 9 questions a 20-something wants answers know what they say: with age, comes widsom! xo L&A

S2 E5 Would You Ever Take A Ghost Tour?

Lauren and Aly have a special guest in for this episode: Candice Smith, Tours Around Michigan! Candice gives Ghost Tours in Grand Rapids and is spilling all of her stories! Plus what she's heard about the parking garage under our studios! Happy Halloween xo L&A

S2 E4 Love, Laughs, Lifestyle Fatigue

Have you ever of "submarining"? When a date goes dark for months at a time and then resurfaces randomly? Aly had a date resurface after 5 months and she's got some thoughts. Lauren is breaking down "Lifestyle Fatigue" - the phenomenon we didn't know was happening, but very much is! This is a juicy one! xo L&A

S2 E3 The Royals + Don't Worry Darling

Lauren went viral on Tik Tok for some family vacation the girls are giving their thoughts on Her Majesty and Miss Flo! xo L&A

S2 E2 Quiet Quitting and Tommy Lee Geometry

This may be our most NSFW episode ever...which is ironic becuase we spend the majority talking about work stuff. Go figure. Lauren and Aly talk about "Quiet Quitting" and then delve into a much *larger* that concerns Mr. Tommy Lee. Enjoy...probably with headphones! xo L&A

S2 E1 You Simply Can't Have It All

Welcome to Season 2! The girls are going deep, like, there are tears. Can a woman have it all? The career, the family, her sanity? Is anyone killing it professionally and personally all at the same time? Let's dive in! xo L&A

S1 E11 Public Pi$$ers & How to Thrive When You're Busy

Aly is having one of the busiest weeks of her professional life, and surprisingly she's THRIVING - she's sharing her tips! And there's an alarming trend emerging when Lauren is out on the town: she seems to attract public pi$$ers!

S1 E10 COVID, Chicago, Kids

We're welcoming Lauren back from her COVID quarantine! Post COVID she got out for a little weekend with Coldplay in Chicago - what is up with food delivery in the windy city???