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Who Did It Better: Anna & Elsa Or Mike & Shmitty?

By now you've probably seen or at least heard that the new trailer for Frozen 2 just dropped, due to hit theaters November 22nd. OK, it's pretty sweet. Sven is back with his reindeer sidekick (reindeer, right?) Anna is still awesome & Elsa looks more powerful then ever and clearly will never need a boat.

But I'm sorry, after Mike and I did our 'Let It Go' rendition for Carshow Karaoke at the MI International Auto Show, there's just no beating it...

1st: I don't see Anna or Elsa rockin' a sweet ride. The reindeer is fine & I guess Olaf could roll you down a hill somewhere fast, but can you tow someone? Can you take the roof off & scream sing to everyone around? Didn't think so. SNX Jeep love.

2nd: Where was the Elsa HAIR?! She pulls it back in a pony as she tries to jump waves but there's no hand running through that long blonde braid of power like in the first one! Shmitty had that covered.

3rd: The cold still does bother me, sorry guys. And being INSIDE a nice warm convention center while we sing Let It Go is so much better than building an ice castle and honestly, in that dress, probably freezing your ladies off.

4th: Mike singing. Frozen 2 you missed a big opportunity to add these booming vocal cords to your overall plot line.

5th: Fake microphones. I don't know whether this is better or not, I just still laugh at how COMMITTED we were to that karaoke. Unplugged or not.

So as excited as I am for Frozen 2 (and yeah I'll probably go see it alone like I did the first one which only made a few parents in the theater uncomfortable) I'm throwin' it out there for Frozen 3....we're available. Maybe just for the soundtrack?

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