Shmitty's Social Diary: Running Rivers Kayak

Thursday I got the chance to check out Running Rivers Kayak in Douglas. AMAZING. I haven't kayaked the Kalamazoo River yet and it was stunning. My girl Lindsey and I took the 2 hour trip and had the best time. Running Rivers offers a 1/2/3 hour trip or if you're a beginner and not sure if kayaking is for you (which it totally is but I won't pressure you) come grab a rental and float around the lake access! 

Super affordable rates means you and all your friends can check it out & it also makes for a perfect date night! My most fav part is the variety of kayak tours that Running Rivers offers. Starlight tours, fireworks tours, a lantern lit night kayak trip...Mr. Shmitty and I are headed back later this month to check out one of their evening trips!

Super easy to get to also. If you're coming from GR its just a straight shot down WB 196 to Douglas and only a little south of Grand Haven and Holland!

Seriously, let's all make up some drinks, pop them in a cooler and head to Running Rivers. Like now? Like take work off and join me?

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