Shmitty's Social Diary: Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure

There's tons to do in W. Michigan but do you know all the things? I'm here to help with ALL the things. We had the idea for Shmitty's Social Diary to showcase some of these super cool spots in W. Michigan that you might not know about.

First up? Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure which was ridiculously fun & a secret workout! (I gotchu ladies). 

With 6 courses ranging from Easy to Hard and a kids course for kids as young as 4 you can go as the whole family! Or if you wanna talk your boss into a little day off for team building, Grand Rapids Treetops Adventure offers corporate rates too!

Check out what we did and *tried* to do and Click Here to get your tickets! 

And if you wanna go with your friends but aren't feeling the high ropes just yet, you can spectate around the fire pit: 

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