Uber Plans Flying Cars By 2020

Uber made a big announcement at their Elevate Summit...they plan to roll out a fleet of flying cars by 2020! IN 3 YEARS WE COULD PRETTY MUCH BE LIKE THE JETSONS OR STAR WARS TAKING A CAB IN THE AIR!

Okay, now that I've settled down a bit, the real deal is they'll be more like little helicopters than cars and Uber is working with big tech companies right now to develop these vehicles.

The biggest hurdle will be figuring out FAA rules and Uber says they're already meeting with NASA and the National Air Traffic Safety Board.

The flying Uber would only be available in Dallas and Dubai to start but Uber is planning for that too meeting with real estate companies to figure out how to build launch and landing pads!

Think this will really be ready by 2020 and if it is in W. Michigan would you use it???

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