Science Says This Is The Best Age To Get Married

I'm not a math person but I think I get the idea behind this.

The 37% rule says that you look through 37% of your options and then its safe to make a choice. So when looking for that partner of a lifetime? Look at 37% of the guys or girls you have a chance with and go with that. Not convincing? This apparently works for the AGE you should get married at too.

Here's how they explain it: If you're looking for love and you're between 18-40, take 37 percent of that 22-year gap, crunch some numbers and you’ve got yourself needing to find someone by the age of 26.

Were you married by 26? This 'rule' believes that if you settle BEFORE 26 you've missed out on some solid ladies and gents but if you wait until AFTER that age the good ones are taken.

Plus at 26 you're capable of making big decisions.

What do you think about the 37% rule???

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