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Know That Terrible Roommate You Have? They Might Be A Genius

I've had every roommate imaginable. The one that never had early classes so it was the bar at night and home at 2:30A when she HAD to detail everything that happened at the bar at that very moment.

I had the roommate who "soaked" her dishes to make them easier to wash....when she finally washed them 2 weeks later.

Don't get me wrong I had FABULOUS roommates too! But they're not always the ones you remember.

But a new study says those loud, messy, doesn't leave bed until 4PM roommates might be geniuses. 

According to a new study these habits are related to genius tendencies.

1. Being unemployed: Geniuses have a challenging time finding conventional employment because while they may be brilliant in an area, they have a hard time being patient and working with those of a lesser intelligence.

2. Super messy: geniuses are big picture thinkers so things like dishes and laundry seem small

3. They tend to be freindlier with animals rather than people: its called 'anthropomorphism' and its seeking out intelligence in other animals because they're curious and empathetic

4. They swear! multiple studies say that swearing shows a greater ability to express yourself and a large vocabulary

5. The will borrow & lose your stuff: geniuses have the ability to make new connections and patterns between unlike things which means they usually have a lot going on in their mind. Returning your top? Easily forgettable.

Does this make you feel any better about your terrible roommate? (No??? Well, I tried.)

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