Girls Surprises BFFs With Bday Presents To Remember Their Late Parents

21 year old Heidi Paat has 2 best friends, Vanessa Mendoza & Norma Bates, who unfortunately both lost a parent in the last year and a half.

Heidi is now at college and can't see her best friends as often as she would like so when she came home to celebrate their belated birthdays, Heidi wanted to do something very special for them. And she knew exactly what memories to give them.

Heidi went to a local Build-A-Bear and built a bear for each of the girls with a personalized voice recording inside of each of their parents.

Bates' late mother is heard singing 'Happy Birthday' to Norma while Heidi found a clip on Facebook of Vanessa's dad talking about her beauty.

If you can handle it, or are in a space you feel totally fine letting the tears flow, here you go...

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