'Frozen' Almost Had A Totally Different Ending

Even if you don't love Frozen, chances are your kids do. But would they have loved it as much if the plot went down like it was originally planned?

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Peter Del Vecho says they had much different plans for the story of Elsa & Ana starting with the fact they were NEVER meant to be sisters!

Elsa was a self-proclaimed Ice Queen, pure evil and the ending was going to be Elsa and an innocent heroine, Ana battling with the snow monsters Elsa had created to protect her kingdom! Elsa was apparently stood up at the altar on her wedding day and decided to freeze her own heart so she would never love again. Eventually Elsa's heart gets unfrozen like the final movie but the story in between is very different.

Why the change? Del Vecho says the story line didn't draw them in & the characters didn't feel relatable. So they changed things up and ended up creating the 2013 blockbuster that I guarantee just got "Let It Go" stuck in your head as you read this. 

Check out the original ending: 

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