Channing Tatum Has Just Introduced His Own Vodka

Channing Tatum has just introduced 'Born and Bred' vodka which he's teamed up with the Grand Teton Distillery in Idaho to make!

Channing admits his 1st taste of the delicious stuff came when he was 13 in Florida and raided a friend's parent's liquor cabinet. While he doesn't condone underage drinking, Tatum says vodka is by far his most fav spirit.

So it must not have been too challenging to taste test over 25 different vodkas in order to find the one that would be perfect to work with. 

It's distilled 25 times and Channing says he wanted to create a vodka that could live in the fancy and low key world at the same time.

I think research calls for us to grab a quick test of this. Channing you can go ahead and ship me some, I'd be happy to give you my honest opinion as a fellow vodka-lover.

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