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What Would You Bail On To See Your NFL Team In The Super Bowl?

A new survey from WalletHub finds that we would skip some MAJOR life events if it meant getting to see our fav NFL team live in the Super Bowl. 

I think I know plenty of Lions fans that might bail on all of these: 

23% would skip a vacation.

21% would bail on important work.

20% would skip a close friend or family member's wedding.

19% would skip a close friend or family member's FUNERAL.

15% would miss the birth of their child. (Heads up, this one might cost you your marriage. No judgement just a helpful tip, she'd probably kill you) 

And remember you'd get to see Lady Gaga too!

Work seems simple enough to take some time off for, I'd make the Super Bowl my vaca & depends on the friend getting married ;-)

Via WalletHub

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