Guy Is Suing His Date For Texting Through 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2'!

A 37 year old Texas dude took a woman he met online on a first date to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' and according to him it quickly turned into the date from hell!

The woman ended up checking her phone "10 to 20 times in 15 minutes to read and send text messages" and despite asking her to stop repeatedly she kept doing it! The woman claims she needed to talk to her best friend who was in the middle of a bad break-up with her boyfriend. 

After the 3D movie ended, the guy asked for his $17.31 but she refused saying he asked her on the date. Now he's taking it to court! He claims "her actions were in "direct" violation of the theater's non-texting policy and because the "defendant’s behaviour is a threat to civilised society." 

LOL. What would you do????

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