Do You Think This New Pepsi Ad With Kendall Jenner Is Offensive?

The new ad which just showed up online has Kendall Jenner in the middle of a photo shoot when she realizes there's things that are just so much more important in life and she has to be a part of that!

The only thing that might be more-cringeworthy is her statement to E! News about the ad: 

"To me, Pepsi is more than just a beverage — it registers as a pop culture icon and a lifestyle that shares a voice with the generation of today. The spirit of Pepsi — living in the ‘now’ moment — is one that I believe in. I make a conscious effort in my everyday life and travels to enjoy every experience of today." 

I too would live in the moment jet setting around the world and making millions. 

Maybe I'm a little bitter. ANYWAY here's the ad, what do you think?

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