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This Is What People in MI Google More Than Anyone When They Online Shop

Using Google Trends, we once again know Michigan is living their best life. What do we Google when we need to do some online shopping? 

1. Car emergency kit (makes sense with our land of potholes)

2. No-tie shoelaces (because ain't nobody got time for tying their shoes!)

3. Hunting clothes (that I've noticed some people wear year round...)

4. Beer pong table (if that ships is there assembly required? Do you build it while you're drunk???)

5. Prince memorabilia (because Purple Rain. That is all)

6. White truffle & white truffle oil (no explanation for this one, maybe someone could help me out?)

So thanks to Google we now know us Michiganders are driving to a Friday night party without shoelaces to grab a spot on the beer pong list as we dance to Prince in our camo.

Where else would you want to live?! 

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