Bad News, Your Yoga Pants Are Hurting The Ocean

A new study has shocked researchers so much, they're not even sure of how bad the long term effects will be. Your yoga pants are polluting our oceans and the problem is only going to get worse, because we love our comfy clothes!

The study comes out of Florida and finds that clothes made out of Nylon, acrylic, polyester and other materials like that, which are the main fabrics for things like yoga pants, workout tops, fleeces & other leisure wear are all petroleum based plastics. When you wash your clothes in a washing machine, some of the tiny threads that are woven together break off and are released into waste water plants. Eventually they find their way into oceans, lakes and rivers.

Researchers aren't sure yet how dangerous this could get, but they definitely found evidence of ocean pollution and marine life eating the substances and not always excreting it. Meaning if you're eating fish, yes there's a chance this will eventually affect you too!

Would this get you to cut back on your yoga pants purchases???

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