How To Avoid A Hangover This Weekend

Since I know ALL of you are coming out to Irish On Ionia Saturday, this is going to be your best pregame plan:

4 Tips That Will Help Stop That Hangover: 

1. Drink Gatorade or coconut water. You hear that all the time and its smart to drink water between drinks (but c'mon that get challenging the more drinks you have) so try hydrating big with something that replaces electrolytes BEFORE you head out!

2. Take vitamins! I heard this from a brewery friend of mine a few months ago and now I do it every time I know I'm going to have a big night out. It's not just about dehydration, it's also about inflammation and other problems that make your body feel like crap. Vitamins will help!

3. Carb load. This one is hard, especially if you're trying to eat healthy or cut calories but use a night out as your excuse to cheat a bit. A burger with its carbs, protein and B vitamins is way more helpful battling the effects of alcohol than something like a small salad.

4. Keep it clear. Clear liquor like vodka and gin have less toxins than the darker drinks like rum and whiskey.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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