Does Your Hair Ever Hurt? Here's What's Going On!

It happened to me last night. I wear my hair up in a bun A LOT. (I wake up early okay? Like 1-2 days a week I actually put myself together) So I take my ponytail out and as my hair falls down, OUCH! You know what I'm talking about! Well now I know the reason and it's not's not your hair that hurts its the hair follicles and as part of your nervous system, it's important to pay attention to that pain!

That constant tension puts you at major risk for hair loss and other problems. It can even damage your actual hair, which is extremely challenging to fix. Sounds like a 1st world problem I know, but it never hurts to understand what your body is telling you.

Some solutions? Change up that style! Don't wear it up everyday, watch tight braids and switch up the style of 'do. 

This has a bit more science to it:

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