Krispy Kreme Has Oreo-Glazed Doughnuts And They Look Amazing

Just when you thought their Original Glazed doughnuts were good, Oreo has entered the chat.

The doughnut maker has teamed up with the cookie maker for a first ever brand collaboration, and yes, they look amazing and delicious. There are two types of specialty doughnuts, the Oreo Cookie Glazed Donut or the Oreo Cookie Over-the-Top Donut. These concoctions will be available for a limited time from now until April 18.

The first doughnut has a “Cookies and Kreme” filling with an Oreo cookie glaze, topped with icing and cookie bits. The over the top version has the same ingredients, but with an Oreo cookie wafer to top it off. Who wants to go grab some right now?