Miller Lite Selling Bar-Scented Candles For Those Who Miss The...Smell.

Hey, I guess you can "bottle" anything and sell it, right?

Miller Lite just released three new scented candles for those who miss the aroma of walking into a bar for a night of fun. It's also to celebrate the reopening of bars and restaurants across the country, many closed for an entire year due to the pandemic. The scented candles come in three flavors: Dive Bar, Beer Garden, and Game Day. I won't delve into details as to what they may smell like.

The good news is that these candles are for a great cause.

Available for $20 per candle online, the proceeds benefit the United States Bartenders' Guild (USBG), a nonprofit supporting bartenders and service industry employees.

Do they have a college bar at last call scent? I'll buy that one!

(Photo: Getty)