Man Arrested for Relationship with 8-year-old Bloomfield Twp Girl On Roblox

2 year old boy using a digital tablet

2 year old boy using a digital tablet

This story is every parent's nightmare. A lot of the apps children use allow communication to strangers and are easy access for sex offenders like this.

WXYZ reported, a Kansas man has been arrested and charged for an inappropriate relationship with an 8-year-old girl in Bloomfield Township.

The girl's mother told police she discovered the relationship between her daughter and an unknown man. She told the police that her daughter befriended a man named "John" while playing the game Roblox.

The man allegedly persuaded the 8-year-old girl to send him videos of her in exchange for online currency used in the game. Police investigated her iPad and say more than 20 videos were made of the girl in various stages of undress. "John" was identified as 48-year-old Clinton McElroy, a resident of Ellis, Kansas. McElroy was arrested for a similar offense in 2017, police say. He is a registered sex offender in Kansas.

He was arraigned in Kansas and charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Child and Aggravated Internet Trading in Child Pornography. He was given a $1 million cash bond.

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