Show Us Your Hairy Styles For Harry Styles Tickets!!

Miranda is goin' to Harry Styles in Chicago for shaving her fiance! (The best part is the end, wait for her confession!) What are you willing to do/shave?? Send us a DM to be the next contestant!

A huge congrats to Jill who just got a huge surprise after shaving her eyebrows for Harry Styles tickets!!! You can still enter our Show Us Your Hairy Styles contest by DMing us and letting us know what you’re willing to shave to win these tickets! #harrystyles

Jessica is a TEACHER & shaved her hairy for Harry Styles 👏👏👏

Maverick is from Muskegon and just brought out the hot wax in order to get his girlfriend Harry Styles tickets!!!

Lauren & Georgia from Jenison, shave ‘Harry Styles’ into their Dad’s back for tickets to his concert. 🪒 #harrystyles

What we won't tell Autumn is how long it takes lashes to grow back 😅 WORTH IT FOR HARRY! @harrystyles

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