Slightly Messy Show: Meaghan's Roadtripping to See Mike Do Drag!

During the Christmas break I was asked to be a part of the Winter is a Drag chairty event with Mi Drag Brunch.

Hello, on January 15, from 4-8pm at Calder Plaza; Michigan Drag Brunch & Downton Grand Rapids Inc. will be teaming up to bring “Winter’s A Drag” back to GR, as part of their World Of Winter festival! This year will be bigger and better than before so we wanted to create an opportunity to give back to others.
As a local leader of our community, we want to offer you an opportunity to be part of our program! We would love to pair you up with a Brunchette from MI Drag Brunch to make you over, put you into drag, and perform a number on our stage at Calder Plaza to raise money for AYA Youth Collective; a local homeless drop-in center for youth in our community.

It's something I had never done before, with a great ground AND it's for a great cause so naturally I was IN!!!

This week Ellen the producer of Mojo in the Morning joins Mike and Meaghan to talk about a trip to Grand Rapids to watch Mike do drag!

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