PHOTOS: Cold Winds Create Unusual Frozen Sand Sculptures On Lake Michigan

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

A photographer captured photos of unusual sculptures along Lake Michigan.

The sculptures along the sand in St. Joseph look like chess pieces or like a sculpture you would find in an art gallery.

The odd sand shapes were captured by photographer Joshua Nowicki.

Nowicki posted a handful of photos of the odd shapes in the sand on Facebook. He also added a video of the wind-made sculptures with the caption:

"Video of the little sand formations created by the wind eroding the frozen beach sand. Also, if you look closely you can see that the lighthouse and catwalk are starting to ice up. January 7, 2022 in Saint Joseph, Michigan."

The amazing video showcasing the wind-created shapes has been shared nearly 2,000 times.

Nowicki has also added other photos and videos of the unusual shapes created in the sand, calling them "erosional sand formations" as storms begin to roll into the state.

Facebook users who follow Nowicki have loved seeing the odd shapes. Some users have commented on his social media page in awe.

"Some of nature's antics are amazing... like this.... the bitter cold wind by itself isn't fun! Thank you for sharing this and so many other beautiful shots and videos," one user wrote.

Another user noted that they drove down to St. Joseph from Grand Rapids just to see the sand sculptures because of his posts.

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