The Detroit Debate Begins! Was it a Delay of Game?

Everyone has watched the infamous final play of the Detroit Lions vs Raven game. The infamous final 66 yard record breaking field goal that gave the Ravens the win over the Lions. I had already posted that I thought the Lions had this game in the books and were going to get their first win...

...silly me...

But as soon as the field goal was in it was pointed out by the entire internet that the refs missed a HUGE call. The last play before the field goal it appears that Ravens ran out the play clock. Which would have given them a delay of game, pushing them back 5 yards. This would have defintley put them out of field goal range and sealing the Lions victory.

I've watched the replay a million times and fully understand that the clock on the tv is a fraction of second different than the field, but there seems to be a large pause here.

Does it matter? Two plays before this they had a 4th and 19 and failed to stop them. What do you think did the Lions get screwed by the refs again?

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