Dear Dad, A Letter For Those Without A Dad on Fathers Day

This is for those without a Dad to celebrate with this Fathers Day- for whatever the reason may be. I hope it helps. I hope you can relate.

This is also a chance for me to get it off my chest.

Dear Dad,

You were there when I fell. You were there to tell me to get back up and try again. You were there when I was a kid and thought I knew it all. You were there when I told you I was going to quit my very stable road construction job to do radio. Something I love and my dream! You ended up being one of my biggest fans.

And now... you're no longer here. I still have so many questions. So many lessons to learn. But after some time of healing, I know you are still up there teaching me.

We are so similar in our humor and love of sports. We are both incredibly passionate about our family. We may have constantly butt heads, but it was always over something we truly believe in. You made me stronger, smarter, and kinder. You taught me hard work and big hugs. All before becoming a Dad.

Now that I am a Dad I get to pass on what I learned and keep growing. It's weird to say, but not having you here has made me work harder to be a better Dad.

Keep watching Dad and teaching me lessons. I'll keep sharing stories about you to keep your memory alive.

I love you and miss you.

Happy's Fathers Day to all the Dads!

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