Body Cam Reveals The Moment A Staged Traffic Stop Turned Into A Proposal

The Milwaukee Police Department released body cam and dash cam footage from a traffic stop because of a faulty tail light.

At least, that’s what the driver thought at first.

It turns out, Taylor contacted the local police department to call in back-up as he proposed to his girlfriend, Liana.

Officers “were happy to help,” the Milwaukee Police Department said in a tweet, along with a video of the proposal.

“The reason I am pulling you over is because your lights are not working in the back,” the officer tells Liana when he approaches her window. “Are you aware of that? Do you have your ID, real quick? If you want to step out, I can show you real quick.”

Liana stepped out of the car to check her lights, having “no idea” that it was all a set-up.

A second officer asked Taylor, who was in the passenger seat, to step out of the vehicle too.

Thats when Taylor turns to face Liana, and can be heard on the body cam footage telling her “I really love you.”

Liana’s hands flew to her (masked) face once she realized what was happening. Taylor knelt in front of her.

The Milwaukee Police Department shared the video and congratulated the newly-engaged couple.

“When Taylor contacted #MPDDistrict7 and asked for help proposing, they were happy to help. Take a look at the day that changed their lives forever. #Congratulations Taylor and Liana and #HappyValentinesDay

Watch the traffic-stop-turned-proposal here.

Photo: Milwaukee Police Department