Terry Hall Roller Skating Rink Brings Back Adult Only Skating!

Terry Hall is bringing back adults only Skating nights!!!


18+ Adults Only Skate!

The new owners took over at the beginning of the year and hit the ground run...skating!


Meet the new owners of Tarry Hall Roller Rink!

BJ & Jenny met at the rink back when they were kids competing on the speed team and have now been married over 20 years! They skated there on their wedding day, brought their kids there for their first outings as babes, and together coach the Wolverines Speed Skating team there. Jenny has been one of the managers at the rink for the last 17 years and now 3 of her kids work there as well. They couldn't imagine life without this place!

Dave & Heather partnered with BJ & Jenny to save the rink from being converted into an antique mall, storage warehouse, church, or fitness center (other offers that were on the table). Heather fell in love with skating at Tarry Hall when she was 5 years old. She competed on the speed team with her mom for years, and is now bringing her own 2 boys to practices as '3rd generation speedskaters'! Heather's first job was working at the rink when she was 14 years old and fun fact: teaching skating lessons there was actually her mom's first job back when she was that age!

It was a childhood dream for both Jenny & Heather to some day own this roller rink but one they never thought would come true! Together these 4 owners would love for you to come out and support this family owned business where a partnership was formed out of the love of skating. It is truly our Happy Place and we are thrilled to be able to keep it functioning as a roller skating rink!

We are taking many safety precautions due to Covid, but want you all to know that we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and would love to have you come skate with us! Leave us a comment of a favorite memory you have from Tarry Hall and we hope to see you at the rink!

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