Top Costumes 2020 Based on Google Searches

Here is a list of the top costumes based on google searches. It's the lamest and most 2020 list I have ever seen. So I've decided to add on my own list of what I think the top costumes should be.

Google List

1. Witch

2. Dinosaur

3. Harley Quinn

4. Rabbit

5. Clown

6. Angel

7. Fortnite

8. Devil

9. Ninja

10. Spider-Man

11. Cowboy

12. Doll

13. Zombie

14. Pumpkin

15. Purge 

My List

1. Corona Virus / Quarantine ANYTHING

2. The Fly on Mike Pence

3. Tiger King Cast

4. Britney Spears Awkwardly Dancing

5. Dogface

Runner up

Chris Evans D Pic, Zoom Call Accident, Dr Fauci,

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