Toy Story 4 Is Finally Streaming On Disney+ Starting Today 😭😭😭

I didn't get a chance to see it in theaters (mostly bc I'm never sure if going to a kids movie by yourself as a full grown adult would be frowned upon or not?) so I have been waiting FOREVER. Truly FOREVER for Toy Story 4 to finally join the rest of the franchise on Disney + AND IT'S HERE.

Streaming started today! So did I login at work and maybe start it? Absolutely. Did I realize I needed to be home on my couch, with my wine and snacks so I could take full advantage of the emotions I would feel? Yep.

Whether you wanna go totally crazy and leave work early or you're far more responsible and will just wait till the end of your day, I felt it necessary to pass along that one of my MOST FAVORITE movie franchises ever, Toy Story 4 is finally available on Disney Plus. Ya need my password? Hit me up LOL

Hearing Tom Hanks & Tim Allen both cried during their final scenes? There's no way I can watch this at work 😅

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