Here are the Top Googled Terms of 2019, Baby Yoda. Need I Say More?

Google released the "most googled terms of 2019" and here they are!

#1 Disney Plus

Yes they were under fire for their lack of customer service and when the app wasn't working on the launch day, but they still dominated 2019! Baby Yoda, need I say more?!

#2 Cameron Boyce

The Disney Channel actor passed away at 20-years-old in July from a seizure which was caused by epilepsy.

#3 Nipsey Hussle

Another tough death in 2019. The rapper was shot and killed in L.A. He was 33.

#4 Hurrican Dorian

The storm that destroyed the Bahamas and killed at least 30 people in September.

#5 Antonio Brown

He was fired from the Patriots after multiple accusations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

#6 Luke Perry

The talented actor passed away at 52 from having a massive stroke. He's known for his role on Riverdale & Beverly Hills 90210

#7 The Avengers: Endgame

No surprise, the final Avengers movie was one of the most Googled terms of 2019.

#8 Game of Thrones

2019 was the final year of the most popular show on HBO. There was a petition to re-create the final season because it was so bad.

#9 iPhone 11

The 3 cameras and the new phone color was part of the reason why everyone was googling the new iphone in 2019

#10 Jussie Smollett

Who can forget the dumpster fire that was Jussie's attack story in January. He claimed that 2 men racially attacked him in Chicago. Investigators found that he hired the two men and faked the entire thing!

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