Craving A Taste Of Fall AND Making A Difference?

It's going to be a powerful morning tomorrow & I would really love it if you were part of this! I've teamed up with the amazing people from Make-A-Wish Michigan for the #WalkForWishes

I've had some personal experience with UNBELIEVABLE kids fighting unreal situations & this is such a beautiful way to be a part of changing their journey, even for a little bit. We're not talking about tests, needle pokes, follow up appointments or doctor's orders. We could be talking about Disney World, becoming a master chef, hopping a flight to your dream destination! But this doesn't happen without us! There are no federal funds, this is all donation based. There will be a ton going on too so its perfect for everyone from the friend group to the family! Things will kick off around 8AM tomorrow, stop & say hey :) Thanks you guys <3

Grab info & register

For more info check it out 👇👇👇

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