Top 3 Moments From The #HappinessBeginsTour

WHAT. A. NIGHT. Getting to meet so many of you preshow was amazing (mostly because your Jonas outfits put anything I could even dream of to shame!) and it was fabulous to have a whole fangirl tribe! But there were a couple moments from last night's show at Van Andel Arena that really stuck out to me!

  1. Between Bebe Rexha & Jonas Brother set changes Van Andel plays music over the speakers. And OF COURSE they would choose Spice Girls, giving me & my girl E the chance to school some of the 12 year olds behind us on those hits that will never die 😂

Spice Girls Sing Along

2."Only Human" performed. Because this is my current obsess song & I've been caught dancing and shrieking at way too many red lights so it was really nice to be screaming and freaking out with thousands of other people 😁

Only Human

3.This guy. Who better go viral because footwork like that don't come easy...

I know I missed a TON of good ones, so what would make your Top 3? (Someone say the Lovebug performance because 😍😍😍))

And find yourself in the pics we posted! (Seriously, this JoBro wardrobe game is 🔥🔥🔥

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