Speculation as to why Britney went brunette

As you know, I have been following the #FreeBritney movement and reading every theory about her conservatorship (obsessed is an understatement). The other day, there were reports that Jamie Spears (Brit's Dad) physically abused Britney's oldest son. Kevin Federline (Britney's ex and the son's father) filed a restraining order against Jamie. In case you don't know, Jamie is Britney's conservator and has been since 2008. So what does this all mean regarding the conservatorship and Brit going brunette?

On September 18th, Britney is scheduled to go to court to plea her case to remove the conservatorship. I think this restraining order against Jamie will be helpful in Britney's case, because the court should not favor an abuser. If they do, there will be an up-roar with the Britney Army. Britney's Gram, a podcast I listen to regularly (and highly recommend), also believes this will help her case. They talk about the court system and what is leading up to the 18th in their new episode "Going Dark".

From the Britney's Gram podcast, they noticed Brit went brunette a day or 2 after the abuse reportedly happened. So, does this mean change is coming? Is a new Britney era on the horizon?! I sure hope so because Britney deserves to be a free woman and live her life the way she wants.