When You Vaca In The Yoop, Be Ready For Terrifying Things Like This

So I just got back from an entire week spent up north in God's country. 1st- Don't get me wrong. It was the BEST. The U.P. is gorgeous & it was a prime digital detox since we had no Internet where we were at LOL 2nd- Friday night we decided to do a huge BBQ with my husband's whole family (that live up there) and realized there was one uninvited guest the next property over...

Yes. That is a wolf. Nope, not a coyote a WOLF. I don't know much about wolves, I'll be completely honest but this thing was HUGE. I wish I had something for scale so you could understand how quickly my stomach fell out of my butt & I immediately thought how delicious my thick thighs would probably be to this thing.

Moral of the story? Great week. The Yoop is beautiful. But if you win that trip to our #iHeartFestival with me at 1:10P, you probably won't have an unexpected guest show up poolside to terrify you. Good luck.