Rumor Has It Destiny's Child Is Reuniting

I haven't been this excited since the Spice Girls got back together sans Posh. Reports are out this morning that Destiny's Child is about to announce a reunion! Reportedly, Beyonce was inspired by the success the Spice Girls have been having overseas & has ALREADY contacted Michelle Willimans & Kelly Rowland who obviously said YES as soon as they saw Beyonce on their caller ID. I'm hearing reports of new music & a massive U.S. & European World Tour that would happen too! And if I had my dream they would hit every music festival ever next summer. Can't you see it now? Destiny's Child closing down Lollapalooza this time next year?

We got a little tease of what this might look like when Beyonce headlined the Super Bowl a few years ago, but I'm keeping my eye out for any further developments.

OK bring it in because I can't contain my excitement! :-D :-D :-D

Destiny Child

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