The Reason Shmitty Almost Called Cops Over The Weekend

I know you've heard me rant before about the 'zipper merge' and how terribly people seem to drive in construction zones. It's especially bad lately since we're in the middle of what seems like the longest construction zone EVER but what I watched go down yesterday on my way back from Muskegon may be the worst yet!

The silver truck is in the left lane cruising between 20-22 mph with no one in front of him in order to block any traffic from driving up to the zipper and merging over. Let me add we were THREE MILES AWAY from where it goes down to one lane. The backup was awful and some drivers were so upset they were passing him on the left shoulder cutting over the grass!

OK. What would you have done? At one point it got so dangerous with the truck trying to move more onto the shoulder to try and block people I seriously thought about calling the cops. Have you seen something this insane? I'll leave it to the Internet to come at me with the comments about 'line-cutters'. Fact is the zipper merge is designed for a reason and "heroes" like this are not right & doing nothing more than causing serious issues!

Rant done. Am I too overboard with this???

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