My Height Challenged Friends, Rejoice! "Periscope Glasses" Are Here

London based designer Dominic Wilcox may have just changed your concert-going experience forever. Changed like you might ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO SEE THE STAGE EVEN IF YOU'RE SMALLER! To my beautiful height-challenged friends, I have tried to move you closer. I've fought my way in front of the 6'8" dude blocking every possible view of your favorite band, I've even tried to hoist you up cheerleader style to try and get any glimpse of the show you paid good money to get into!

Its time to check out "One-Foot Taller" glasses. The design is pretty simple (although maybe not super attractive):

"The glasses include a smaller mirror positioned upwards at a 45 degree angle towards a large mirror which points outwards."

Wilcox was given a challenge to solve an 'everyday' problem & came up with the problem after watching a shorter girl dancing by herself at a concert because she had no chance of seeing the band due to the tall people surrounding her.

Fingers crossed these actually hit the market because there's a lot of my amazing friends that deserve a live experience they can actually see!!! (Totally getting you these Aly!)

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