Jimmy Johns Is Now Making Wine, To Go With One Specific Sandwich

Let me say, from my 4 years of experience slinging sandwiches at Jimmy Johns, ALLELUIA! Jimmy is now servin' up WINE to go with one very specific new sandwich: The Frenchie!

Called Vin De Sandwich (I mean how boujee do you sound asking for that at the register?) its a Pinot Noir with grapes sourced right from California! Legit.

The press release says Vin De Sandwich has "notes of dark raspberry & ripe cheery" with "hints of cedar & spice." Vin De Sandwich will go for $29.99 a bottle BUT its an exclusive release! There's only about 600 bottles available & you have to go through VinDeSandwich.com

No word on the 'freaky fast' delivery, sorry. Cheers!

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