Hudsonville Ice Cream Introducing New Vegan/Dairy Free Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I will sit in my bed, lock the door & eat an entire tub by myself. (Not all heroes wear capes, am I right?) But I've always felt bad for friends of mine with dairy issues that literally can't stomach the delicious'ness & so many of my friends have been hopping into the vegan life which also doesn't allow the dairy!

Enter Hudsonville Ice Cream, which I think already has some of the best ice cream flavors on the planet & a brand new line of vegan friendly, dairy-free ice cream! And its legit: they've been working on creating this for over 2 years! With flavors like birthday cake, caramel cookie dough, cherry fudge, chocolate, mint fudge cookie, peanut butter truffle, and s'mores I AM 100% IN ON ICE CREAM DATES so you call me anytime.