Uber FINALLY released a quiet ride option, and I'm so thankful

The worst thing during an Uber ride is a talkative driver. I had one tell me this elaborate story about how his wife took his kid and money and ran away. He then tells me he needs 5 stars and a good tip to go find her. Oh and he showed me a picture of his kid, thinking that will get him sympathy. NOPE! And it got weird from there! He then tells me he wants to kill himself and wants to put his house on craigslist so he can just leave it behind and find his family. Of course I called Uber and reported him...as I'm chugging a White Claw.

ANYWAY! The Uber app now has a "Quiet Driver" mode so you can have a peaceful (and hopefully not creepy) ride. They also added a "luggage assistance" request. You can thank Martha Stewart for the much needed upgrade, her post on IG in 2018 trashed Uber and that caught their attention.