The Best Patios In W. Michigan According to YOU!

It is officially patio season! (Otherwise known as my most FAV season of the year!) It's a rule of mine that if I go somewhere with a patio, I am required to sit on that patio. I know it's a real rough rule to stick to... I'm always looking for new spots to hit (especially during the day post show, don't judge me) and since I usually get really solid advice from you guys, I obviously had to ask you!

So here you go. The official list of those must-hit patio spots from Grand Rapids to the lakeshore! (And if you have one that isn't on the list, lemme know! I'll be constantly updating. Just for you guys. Here for you.)

*In no official order*

  1. Bluewater Grill
  2. The Score
  3. Rose's On Reeds Lake
  4. Kirby House Rooftop
  5. Z's Patio
  6. Elk Brewing (shout out to Kristi for pointing out its dog friendly too!)
  7. One Bourbon
  8. The Sovengard
  9. Rockwell/Republic
  10. Haute at New Hotel Mertens
  11. Putt Putt's
  12. 12. The Deck

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