Sooo about last night's Game of Thrones episode. SPOILERS AHEAD!



People are PISSED about last night's episode titled "The Bells". At first I was too, until I put together my thoughts and feelings and googled until 2am (and texted my bestie). Last year during a Q&A about writing characters, George RR Martin said, "...not all characters are grey, some are dark grey....they have occasional flaws in them." He also goes on to talk about his fascination on why people do "appalling things" and the story doesn't always have to be good vs evil. This moment during the Q&A allowed me to accept Dany and her firey tirade on Kings Landing. We always saw her as "good" compared to Cersi but certain moments in her life triggered this decision to take a different path.Remember when she killed Randyll Tarly? Is it because she is still so angry at what Cersi did? Or is it Dany's realization that she's been betrayed by everyone around her?

Moving on to Jamie (that scene with Tyrion had me bawling) and Cersi, R.I.P. I honestly expected something more dramatic, but in a way it was kind of poetic. This castle they built has literally killed them.

On to the real queen of the series, Arya Stark. WHAT.THE.HELL. I was SO mad when The Hound said, "don't be like me, leave." AND SHE DID!!!! I really believe that her character would not do that. When she became part of the men with many faces, her goal was to kill the Queen (she basically told everyone she met), so why would she just leave?! Maybe it's because she realized it'll be harder to kill the Queen than she anticipated? Or maybe it's because Dany had to ruin the entire plan and burn the place down. You saw that white horse standing in the middle of the broken city right? Some on Twitter think that was staged and dumb, other's know the horse is symbolic. It could mean two things; she's going to be a hero because heroes ride white horses or she'll represent death.

And don't forget about Varys (R.I.P.)! He was warned and look what happened! So why was there focus on his rings? What did that note say? Oh and in the beginning of the episode, he tried to poison Dany...which I totally didn't realize until today.

Yes this episode was crazy and no one saw it coming, and that's why I liked it. Everything is up in the air now and who knows what'll happen to Dany when she returns to Winterfell. Oh! And remember that vision of Dany at the throne a few seasons back, well that wasn't was ash.

I'll be live-tweeting the series finale, follow me and join the conversation as its happening @ shortaly

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