Wine Keeps You Healthy & Teeth Looking White Says Study

I'm ALL about this study! This is the kind of research I can financially back. Science says that wine can actually help keep you healthy as a natural disinfectant AND kills germs that cause plaque on your teeth!

You'll be rockin' a healthy body & pearly whites with just a glass of wine a day! (Disclaimer: I am most certainly NOT a doctor, so don't necessarily follow that specific advice...)

But there was a study done way back in the 80s & researchers found that wine had the least amount of live bacteria in it after 2 days and it was decided that wine acts like a disinfectant & bacteria can't survive it! A more recent study was done & found even more germs that wine fights off like that bacteria that causes nasty plaque on your teeth, so drink up! It's for your HEALTHHHH. (All those H's, you know I'm serious)

Don't believe just me? Here ya go:

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