Everyone's reaction to last night's Game of Thrones...SPOILERS AHEAD

If you did NOT see the new episode of G.O.T....STOP READING RIGHT NOW. CLICK THE BACK ARROW.

LIKE SERIOUSLY, STOP. YOU WILL SEE SPOILERS. Come back when you watch it!

Ok, now we can dive right into this AMAZING episode. It was sooo worth the build up. Sure it was really dark and we couldn't really see who died during the battle, it was still awesome. I caught myself multiple times, holding my breath and clutching my pillow. The scene with Arya was perfection. At first, I thought it was the end of our favorite girl without a name, but them BAM! Knife trick for the win! Here are some of the best reactions to the battle of Winterfell.

I was yelling at my TV when Daenerys tried to torch the night king...like girl, come on.

hahaha I said the same thing. She's enjoying a nice glass of wine and getting laid while this battle is going on.

One battle down, one to go. What did you think of the episode?

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