Every Easter Egg in Taylor Swift's video for ME!

Swifties are still collecting themselves after Taylor dropped her new song with Brendon Urie last night. The video is so fun, full of bright colors and a new kitty! Swift told Robin on GMA, the "song about embracing your individuality and really celebrating it and owning it."

According to the fans, here are the Easter eggs that are hidden in the video;

Of course a nod to the old Taylor who never came to the phone

You'll recognize the room for the LWYMMD video

Swifties think her new song might be called "Lover"....Taylor has hidden song titles in music videos, and we love her for it!

According to Just Jared the new album could drop on 8/30, that's the exact time the clock says in the video

Did Taylor just confirm she collaborated with the Dixie Chicks???

And finally, Taylor wears 7 outfits throughout the video AND there are 7 suitcases. This could represent her albums.

Did you notice other Easter eggs?

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