Hello Sunshine! Need These Super Cute Inflatable Pools Target Just Dropped

*Sigh* bye "budget". Once again Target, take my money. Take all my money. 1st- this is NOT an ad LOL I wish Target was paying me to talk about them but alas I'm just slightly obsessed with these uber cute inflatable pools they just launched.

In honor of the SEVENTY SEVEN degrees & sunshine we get today, hop online while you're hammocking and look through all the designs available in Target's new Minnidip Inflatable Pool line!

Gimme a mix of the palm leaves and pineapple pools, nah better yet I'll just take them all. $39.99 isn't a bad price tag either. If you get one of these PLEASE invite me over in a non clingy just wanna take some pics and go kind of way :) Which is your fav???

Happy sunshine!

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