The battle continues Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift

#Swifties are FREAKING out. Taylor has been teasing the date 4.26 and it's possible TS7 might be released

But then Kim K decided to announce she's launching a fragrance with sis Kylie. The reactions on Insta are entertaining to say the least;

@glitterandsparklydresses said, "Lol you’re really going to try to drop this when we already have avengers and TS7 nobody got time for you"

@lilliantodd22 said, "Ok I see you being all shady and imma let you finish but you go stream Taylors single on the 26th"

So what do you think? Is Kim trolling Taylor and trying to steal that spotlight on 4.26? I'll be refreshing my Twitter feed and the iHeartRadio app at 11:59pm on 4.25.

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