Couple's daring IG photo has everyone...inspired

This is Kelly and Kody and I am obsessed with their pictures on IG. Not only are they beautiful, but their captions are so motivational! The one photo that has people's attention is the one of Kody holding Kelly over a 40ft ledge. Normally people on Insta freak out and say "that's so dangerous, you're risking her life, etc." But if you look at the comments, people are inspired!

@ashton_at_isobel_george said, "Ok ye it's dangerous but it's an amazing photo. Life is full of difficult times and obstacles, I feel you are showing that with support and love you can survive life. It's what I see in this picture. I suppose it's each to there own. Enjoy the time we are given x"

@lyn_nauer said, "It's called trusting each other. Beautiful photo"

If you need photo ideas or motivation, you should follow them!

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