The New Trendy Honeymoon? Not Going With Your Spouse

This seems so wild to me, but I'm someone that honeymoon'd with her husband, guess that's crazy now? A big new trend finds newlyweds deciding to either honeymoon by themselves or to head on a trip with friends. It's called a "solo moon" or "unimoon" & experts say that some couples find this to be a perfect start to marriage. Recognizing that your S.O. can't always fulfill every single need you have, they say its important to keep some of that independence. OK I'm 100% on board with that & while I get that keeping your friends close is EVERYTHING because there will be things that come up that you'll need their support for, ditching your new husband or wife for a week right after you tie the knot??? I just couldn't.

Maybe I'm wrong. Have you tried this? Would you understand if YOUR new hubby or wife asked to go somewhere without you on a honeymoon???