Have You Ever Used Tinder To Get Guys To Do Stuff For You?

OK, so the 'date for dinner' thing is nothing new. I've had friends pull it (we all gotta eat!) but this new Tinder scam hits a whole new level! Women are getting Tinder dates to do all sorts of stuff for them! You're moving & need boxes carried up 4 flights of stairs? Tinder. You need some free DIY advice? Or someone to just do it THEMSELF? Tinder. Got a spider trapped under glass & you don't wanna touch it??? TINDER!

These can't be real, right??? Have you ever done something like this? I'm not sure I'm 100% against it....if you're on an app like Tinder w/loads of different people, shouldn't you expect some level of shadiness??? Which story do you think is the worst?! 😂😂😂😂